Industrial Ducting

QSM Fabrication has over 30 years of experience in providing Perth businesses with industrial ducting and a host of other fabrication services.

We Offer an Extensive Range

When undertaking any project, we apply risk-based thinking and regularly audit all our offerings to ensure we’re in line with ISO 9001 standards. We’re continually striving to improve our standards and offerings by implementing benchmark processes and ongoing training for our team. We engineer for excellence.

Our team manages the fabrication and sale of:

Pipe Spools

Consult with our team for the design and fabrication of the pipe spools you need to keep your business running smoothly. We’ll find out what you need and deliver on it.
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Ducting and Ventilation Perth

QSM Fabrication relies on over three decades of extensive experience with ventilation duct and industrial ducting. Our technicians and specialists have undergone rigorous training to ensure you always receive the highest standard of ventilation design services. We cater to all your needs whether it’s for individual components or for complete industrial ducting systems. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Quality from start to finish Every service and product provided by QSM is a by-product of our commitment to quality. Each member of our team adheres to this strict zero-compromise on quality policy. What does that mean for you and your business? You can rest assured that we always apply risk-based thinking, regularly audit our offerings, conform to ISO 9001 standards, and always strive to improve our standards by incorporating benchmark processes and ongoing training.  From ventilation ducts to duct silencers and flexible duct elbow support, we engineer for excellence. In addition to providing premium products we also offer after sales support to ensure your every need is being met and you’re getting the best out QSM Fabrication. Our ducting and ventilation products and services Flexible duct elbow support:  We have the expertise to design and manufacture flexible duct elbow support that helps improve airflow and save you energy, ultimately reducing your costs. Guide vane assembly: Vanes play the critical role of directing air inside a duct where there is a change in direction, by reducing resistance and turbulence. Our engineers and technicians have a wealth of experience assembling vanes that will ensure your industrial ducting operates efficiently. Duct silencers: Whether it’s for the noise coming in or for the noise coming out of your environment, we can help you get it under control. Our duct silencers are engineered to cater to a variety of environments including equipment and machinery rooms, buildings and enclosures. We also provide the following: Fan cases Damper doors Transitions Adapters Ventilation design services Ventilation design is a critical component of an efficiently running ventilation system. It ensures that the ducts don’t operate too noisily but still offer efficient cooling. With our Cad Cam software we can easily develop transitions ensuring accuracy in all dimensions and fit-up of assembled items. This gives you the option of fully customized ventilation solutions that cater to your environments specific needs and requirements. Why choose us An appreciation of time As one of the leaders in the fabrication industry we have a unique grasp of the importance of time and keeping our projects to schedule. Respect for your budget We charge fair rates and offer budget-friendly prices. When you come to us you can expect value for money and transparency. Dedication to quality Quality is non-negotiable at QSM; we strive to exceed expectation Comprehensive support Even after your purchase, we remain available and on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you might have. For more information regarding ducting and ventilation process, contact your local experts.  
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Guards and Enclosures

  QSM Fabrication is well-versed in the manufacture of mechanical guards and industrial enclosures. It’s what makes us your leading choices for expertise in industrial safety noise control. We take the time to understand your particular needs so that we can take an approach and provide a service that meets and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for a comprehensive selection of mechanical guards and enclosures. Our approach No two businesses are alike which is why we don’t believe in trying to manufacture one-size-fits-all solutions. Our first step involves getting to know your specific needs and preferences. This also includes determining the best kind of mechanical guard or enclosure for your equipment. Furthermore, because we understand the value of time and productivity we’ll agree to a time frame, keeping to both schedule and budget. This ensures your bottom line is unaffected. Every member of our team views quality as a non-negotiable matter so you can rest assured that not only will all risks be taken into account but your mechanical guards will be made to industry standards. Guarding can be provided for many mechanical items such as: Ring gears Industrial aluminium crushers Exciter equipment Transitions Industrial pulleys Acoustic filter enclosures Our selection of acoustic filter enclosures has grown immensely in their popularity. These are designed to provide comprehensive protection to your valuable machinery and equipment. They are also engineered minimize noise pollution through efficient noise control. In addition to quality manufacture we have the capabilities to manufacture made-to-measure solutions that address your specific needs and requirements. Our enclosures are manufactured using different materials to suit your environment. Hardware and sealing arrangements can be selected to suit your IP Rating. The importance of guarding Health and safety They prevent unnecessary exposure to moving parts in your work environment that could prove harmful, reducing the risk of injury. Limiting unauthorized access Industrial control panel enclosures help to prevent the unauthorized access to control panels and controls for machinery. Productivity Enclosures such as acoustic filter enclosures help to effectively reduce noise pollution in the work place which in turn can improve productivity and performance. Maintenance Your machinery and equipment are invaluable assets but they can depreciate from wear and tear over time. Keeping them enclosed, in an ideal environment will safeguard them against the elements. In addition, to limiting wear and tear, it will also help keep them lubricated for use, helping your business maintain its productivity.
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Truck and Earthwork Accessories

QSM Fabrication is proud provider of custom made parts, brackets and accessories to many fleets across Australia. Our quality made Australian products are trusted with such names as Scania, Westrac and K & O Mining to mention a few.
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Skids and platforms

QSM Manufactures skids and/or platforms to suit your project specification. Assisting their customers with sourcing grating and handrail products,surface treatment, NDE and arranging full trail assembly to ensure correct fit-up onsite.
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QSM Fabrication is a licensed petrol tank builder and can custom build a tank to suit your application. We hold a variety of different aluminnium tank fittings for trucks, boats and cars. We also offer repairs to damaged or leaking tanks.
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