Ducting and Ventilation Perth

QSM Fabrication relies on over three decades of extensive experience with ventilation duct and industrial ducting. Our technicians and specialists have undergone rigorous training to ensure you always receive the highest standard of ventilation design services. We cater to all your needs whether it’s for individual components or for complete industrial ducting systems. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Quality from start to finish

Every service and product provided by QSM is a by-product of our commitment to quality. Each member of our team adheres to this strict zero-compromise on quality policy. What does that mean for you and your business? You can rest assured that we always apply risk-based thinking, regularly audit our offerings, conform to ISO 9001 standards, and always strive to improve our standards by incorporating benchmark processes and ongoing training.  From ventilation ducts to duct silencers and flexible duct elbow support, we engineer for excellence. In addition to providing premium products we also offer after sales support to ensure your every need is being met and you’re getting the best out QSM Fabrication.

Our ducting and ventilation products and services

    • Flexible duct elbow support:

 We have the expertise to design and manufacture flexible duct elbow support that helps improve airflow and save you energy, ultimately reducing your costs.

      • Guide vane assembly:

Vanes play the critical role of directing air inside a duct where there is a change in direction, by reducing resistance and turbulence. Our engineers and technicians have a wealth of experience assembling vanes that will ensure your industrial ducting operates efficiently.

        • Duct silencers:

Whether it’s for the noise coming in or for the noise coming out of your environment, we can help you get it under control. Our duct silencers are engineered to cater to a variety of environments including equipment and machinery rooms, buildings and enclosures.

We also provide the following:

        • Fan cases
        • Damper doors
        • Transitions
        • Adapters

Ventilation design services

Ventilation design is a critical component of an efficiently running ventilation system. It ensures that the ducts don’t operate too noisily but still offer efficient cooling. With our Cad Cam software we can easily develop transitions ensuring accuracy in all dimensions and fit-up of assembled items. This gives you the option of fully customized ventilation solutions that cater to your environments specific needs and requirements.

Why choose us

        • An appreciation of time

As one of the leaders in the fabrication industry we have a unique grasp of the importance of time and keeping our projects to schedule.

        • Respect for your budget

We charge fair rates and offer budget-friendly prices. When you come to us you can expect value for money and transparency.

        • Dedication to quality

Quality is non-negotiable at QSM; we strive to exceed expectation

        • Comprehensive support

Even after your purchase, we remain available and on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you might have.

For more information regarding ducting and ventilation process, contact your local experts.