Aluminium Walkway Platform

Our Scope: Fabrication of 2x 50meter Aluminium Installation Platforms and 128x Support Brackets. Customer: CB&I. QSM Fabrication assisted CB&I with the design and engineering of two 50m work platforms to be used to sheet the roof of very large compressor buildings. The platforms needed to be lightweight and with an interchangeable segmented design to suit multiple buildings within the site. The platforms were designed in accordance with AS1657:2013, welding was performed to comply with AS1665:2004 and AS1554.1 (SP).
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Bumper Car Track

Our Scope: Design and Fabricate Retractable Bumper Car Track and Trailer. Customer: Amusement Services. QSM designed and fabricated a retractable bumper car track and trailer for the local amusement industry. We have been servicing this industry for many decades, you may recognise our work in the Splashdown Water log ride that went into service in the early late 90’s. In this most recent project our customer wanted a trailer chassis incorporating a retractable bumper car track, it had to be simple to setup and compliant to the safety standards of the Australian Amusement Industry.
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Ballast Boxes for Brake Cars

Our scope: Supply & press 80 x ballast boxes and insert reclaimed railway. Customer: RCR Mining Project value: N/A QSM Fabrication Supplied approx. 91 tons of Hi-Definition plasma-cut flat profiles and pressed them into channels to form the ballast box required on brake cars. The ballast boxes are required as counterweights to prevent the locomotive from flipping during the rotary dumping process of iron ore from the railway cars. As part of the Quality Assurance Documentation, QSM Fabrication was required to provide RCR with an Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), Material Data Report (MDR) along with material test reports and Welder Qualifications to AS1554.1. RCR Mining supplied approximately 500 tons of free issue reclaimed railway line to QSM Fabrication’s workshop progressively over a 3 month period. The railway line was then cut and welded into the pressed channels to form 80 x ballast boxes. QSM Fabrication provided RCR with production schedules and liaison with transport contractor to ship finished Ballast Boxes to delivery point on time.
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