Laser Cutting

With QSM Fabrication’s experience in manufacturing we understand that there is lot that goes into the fabrication of a part. It doesn’t just start or stop at cutting. Before you can begin the cutting process there is drafting and programming of the laser cut part. With 3d modeling and CAD based software, a DXF file is programmed into the laser cutting machine as an NC file. Parts can literally take seconds to cut with a tolerance of 0.1mm. However, if the parts are programmed incorrectly, or the flat pattern development is incorrect, then the company will realise waste and downtime. QSM Fabrication helps with this issue and offers a solution by not only cutting, but also developing a flat pattern that can latter be rolled, folded or welded to the correct dimensions.

Machine Specifications and Cutting Capacity

QSM has procured a Japanese made Amada ENSIS-3015-RI 3kw Fiber Laser.

  • Maximum sheet cutting dimension are 3000mm long x 1500mm wide,
  • Dual Shuttle Tables allow faster change over of sheets, allowing cutting to take place whilst the already cut parts are un picked from the nest.
  • Rotary Index (RI) can also cut Tubes, Pipe, SHS, RHS, C-channel, and Angles making it the most versatile Rotary Index laser cutting system available.
  • The ENSIS beam control technology manipulates of the fiber laser beam so that it is perfectly matched to the material\thickness being processed, reducing the cost of consumables and increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • The 3000watt oscillator gives the machine a capacity to cut up to 20mm Carbon Steel, 12mm Stainless Steel, 12mm Aluminium, 6mm Brass and 6mm Copper.