Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending for industrial & commercial use

QSM Fabrication is a Western Australian business offering a variety of metal bending services to both the residential and industrial sectors. Our metal forming services include the bending and rolling of tube and pipe sections and a variety of sheet metal bending services.

In addition to bending metal for a variety of applications we also manufacture steel products like fences, gates and balustrades. Working from our modern, fully equipped workshop in Perth our metal bending machine can produce high-quality results, and our knowledgeable, creative and experienced tradesmen pride themselves on delivering work of the highest standard no matter what size or scale the job. We can provide sheet metal bending for whatever your needs might be. Pop into our Perth-based workshop and see our modern operation, chat to our friendly staff and tell us what you need.

We will provide a cost-effective solution. Whether you are a home builder or large organisation looking for a generic solution to your metal bending needs or need a specific custom-designed job to suit a particular project or requirement contact us. We are well versed in the art and science of bending metal, and our skilled staff will find or create a workable solution for you.

Besides using the latest technology and equipment we keep our staff up to date on the latest trends and industry practices. Our range of metal bending equipment ensures we can deal with any volume production runs, whether it’s the most complex or most basic shape. We will deliver all quantities with controlled accuracy and precision.

Contact us for all your sheet metal bending requirements.