Metal Plate Fabrication Perth

Experienced and skilled steel plate fabricators

Steel plates are one of the standard raw materials used by metal fabricators, due to its strength, toughness, ductility and weldability. To ensure you are provided with high-quality products for your project, find a fabrication workshop that will adhere to all metal plate fabrication standards and procedures. QSM Fabrication is that shop, contact us today.

We provide metal plate welding in most processes including GMAW, GTAW, MMAW, FCAW and SAW, and we have Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS) current to most welding standards. We can develop a custom WPS to suit most joint configurations and materials and offer plate fabrication ranging from 4mm to 32mm thick plate working with most carbon steels and wear plates.

Steel plate fabrication services

Our full-service fabricators have extensive experience when it comes to metal plate fabrication and meeting your specifications. Our process includes:

  • Cutting
    Although we are metal fabricators Perth businesses have used for decades, we also offer laser cutting of mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, rubber, timber and plastic. We are capable of cutting steel up to 20mm thick, aluminium to 6mm and stainless steel to 16mm. We offer turret punching up to 6mm sheet thickness.
  • Bending
    We offer a variety of metal bending services to both the residential and industrial sectors. Our metal forming services include the bending and rolling of tube and pipe sections and other sheet metal bending services. In addition to bending metal, we also manufacture steel products like fences, gates and balustrades and can provide sheet metal bending for whatever your needs might be.Working from our modern, fully equipped workshop in Perth, our metal bending machine produces high-quality results, and our knowledgeable, creative and experienced tradesmen deliver work of the highest standard no matter what size or scale the job.
  • Rolling
    Our qualified and experienced tradesmen can roll a variety of structural shapes and do heavy-duty plate rolling if required thanks to our fully-equipped, modern workshop. Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art metal rolling machines, and are outfitted to handle any number of different shapes and sizes, depending on your requirements.

Our steel plate fabricators continue to deliver high quality metal work and engineered structures to solve all your project needs.  Contact us today to discuss your fabrication requirements.