Stainless Steel Fabricators Perth

Specialised stainless steel welding and fabrication

QSM are stainless-steel fabricators in Perth that supply our clients with high-quality products that are made by highly skilled professionals in a workshop that’s fully-equipped. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an architectural piece for your home or an industrial product, our team can take on your project and deliver on your expectations.

We Offer Comprehensive Stainless-Steel Fabrication

Our team of stainless-steel fabricators can produce custom products to be used in the following applications:

  • Gates, columns, and posts
  • Stainless-steel enclosures
  • Letterbox fascia plates
  • Bench tops and splashbacks

With our combined knowledge and experience, and the tools we have on hand, we can deliver on:

  • Aluminum Fabrication – Using cutting-edge technology, we provide custom-designed products for both the home and industry. With our variety of aluminium fabrication services, we can achieve many outcomes and designs.
  • Metal Plate Fabrication – We can work with metal plates with thicknesses that range from 4mm to 32mm and can also work with most carbon steels and wear plates.

In addition to the above, our team have the skill to create:

  • Customised Architectural Pieces – Working with you or your designer, builder, or architect, we’ll come up with custom designs that tie into your home and design plans perfectly. Additionally, we’ll also deliver and install the pieces that we fabricate for you.
  •  Steel Artisanal Pieces – Being presented with unique challenges from our clients is something we enjoy taking on. The artisans we have on-hand are highly creative and driven to create high-quality and beautiful pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Call the Expert Steel Fabricators in Perth

At QSM, we’ve been dedicated to providing our clients with excellent custom-made pieces from our team of stainless-steel fabricators. We work to meet deadlines, stay within budget and deliver on exactly what you expect from us.

Call us today to do business with some of the best stainless-steel fabricators in Perth who are dedicated to meeting your requirements and delivering on high-quality products, every time.