Our Range of Metal Bending Machinery

Discover QSM’s extensive range of machinery that caters for all metal bending services.

QSM have a long history in the sheet
metal bending business and have amassed a decent amount of machinery over our many years of operation. 

It also doesn’t hurt that we have developed thorough operator knowledge of the machines that it takes to deliver the most significant bending projects. 

Paired with a range of software and in house project management skills, we provide our operators with all the information they need to be able to bend the job once and correctly, so our clients are provided with the highest quality outcome and absolutely no mistakes. 

Another reason that QSM is one of the state’s most trusted metal bending service providers is because we have one of the largest ranges of press brake machines throughout Western Australia, including five different press brakes with a range of different capabilities. Some of these include the following machines: 


Amada HG1003-ATC, 100 Tone x 3m Machine

The Amada HG1003-ATC is known to be one of the smartest press brakes in the world. The quick tool setups achieved by the ATC gives us the ability to introduce rush jobs seamlessly, providing us with the chance to triple or even quadruple the amount of setups performed each day. 

We can also program the machine using 3D models provided to us by our customers, allowing QSM to cut and fold small and complex shapes on this machine in just a number of minutes.

Adira 220 Tonne x 4m Long Machine

Now this particular machine is quite versatile and gives us the opportunity to gauge sheet metal from 0.6mm up to 6mm thick with a variety of radius punches. We can fold with different radii ranging from 0.6R, 5R, 10R, 12R, 16R, 20R and 25R radius. 

Paired with single Vee bottom die blocks, this gives QSM the flexibility in geometry we can offer our customers. An example of this is Channel 9 building Facade Panels, folded with a 16R and 40mm bottom block, in which we folded many folds within one architectural panel.

Adira 320 Tonne x 4m Machine 

The Adira 320 Tonne x 4m Machine is quite similar to its baby brother, however it does come with a major upgrade to its back gauge. We have the ability to program multiple bends with an extra tonnage, meaning that we can fold up to 10mm thick mild steel on this machine.

Ermakson 400 Tonne x 4m Machine 

This machine is also nicknamed the ‘Gut Buster’ here at QSM because it allows us to bend all the rules when it comes to metal bending fabrication. We can bend thick material, with short leg lengths, bump press wearing grade materials and heavy transitions in this machine without the worry of ruining our tooling. This allows us to provide our customers with results that none of our competitors can rival.

Adira 1500 Tonne x 7.5m Machine 

The Adira 1500 Tonne x 7.5m was designed specifically for QSM and the WA mining market in mind. We can bend 32mm Bisalloy 80 x 3m long ribs for buckets, and haul pack trays, and then change the tooling to bend only 3mm Mild Steel sheet metal 7.5m long. 

We have a huge range of tooling on this machine ranging from R5 all the way up to R125 top punches and from V25 to V360 bottom die openings. This gives us the opportunity to process a range of different materials, grades, thicknesses and geometry. 


Do you have an upcoming project that requires metal bending or would you like to learn more about the specific capabilities of any of our bending equipment? Our team here at QSM are more than happy to answer any questions you might have! 

Feel free to contact us at (08) 9451 8405 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members today.

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