Build your advantage.

QSM Fabrication supports engineering and design teams to confidently execute projects within the resources, agriculture and defence sectors. Through clear communication, transparent processes and a simplified engagement, we’ve supported hundreds of organisations and delivered thousands of projects within Western Australia.

With 35 years of in-house expertise, we are a versatile company with talented, creative staff who enjoy finding solutions to the most complex jobs – no matter how big or small. From metal rolling and metal bending fabrication to working with aluminium and stainless steel, we are more than qualified to handle the gamut of steelworks required in the industry today.

At QSM, we don’t just build, test and train. We partner with you to build the right product and build the product right – because getting that correct is your competitive advantage. We are as flexible as required, whether you need us to seamlessly integrate into your team to generate solutions or operate independently and efficiently.

Highly trained staff, rigorous quality control processes and industry accreditation ensure all work that leaves our premise is built for long-term use. These standards of work are often reflected in our quotes, what isn’t reflected is the money that you can end up saving in reduced maintenance costs.

Accurate lead times
We take extra care when quoting lead times as we understand the administrative and logistical headache our clients can face when we get it wrong. Robust internal processes allow us to predict and adhere to our lead times – so your project stays on track.

Whether we are performing an assessment or providing training – we never leave a problem at your door. When you utilise our services, you will leave with solutions that can be implemented by your team or with our assistance.

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Steelworks for Construction of Bridges

QSM were contracted by the Leach Welshpool Alliance to provide associated steelworks for the construction of new Bridges Leach Hwy and Railway Parade and Leach Hwy and Welshpool Overpass, as well as the existing Bridge Seven Oaks Road Overpass.

Bumper Car Track

QSM designed and fabricated a retractable bumper car track and trailer for the local amusement industry.

Ballast Boxes For Brake Cars

QSM Fabrication Supplied approx. 91 tons of Hi-Definition plasma-cut flat profiles and pressed them into channels to form the ballast box required on brake cars.

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