Steelworks for Construction of Bridges

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Customer: Leach Welshpool Alliance

Our Scope: To supply shop drawings, fabrication of steelworks and surface treatment.

Project: QSM were contracted by the Leach Welshpool Alliance to provide associated steelworks for the construction of new Bridges Leach Hwy and Railway Parade and Leach Hwy and Welshpool Overpass, as well as the existing Bridge Seven Oaks Road Overpass.

We utilised specific products including:

  • Noise wall construction
  • Rail bridges deflection walls and pier columns construction
  • Rail bridge bearings
  • Over bridge light poles and services
  • Velocity balustrade panels
  • Electrification screens
  • Barrier expansion cover plates
  • Custom concrete forms of pier columns

Our extensive knowledge about bridge steel item fabrication and general industry experience made providing Leach Welshpool Alliance with quality products an effortless process. We were also able to incorporate smaller items that weren’t included in the original scope of work into our schedule, along with performing multiple site visits for site measures.

Georgiou Group informed us that our “competitive prices and problem solving attitude” were just two of the reasons they were likely to recommend our products and services. The fact that we provide exceptional customer service and have stored their finished products in our yard on multiple occasions was also noted as a highlight throughout their dealings with us.

“[QSM were] easily approachable and easier to deal with commercially. Assisted, provided ideas and worked with us to find innovative solutions.” – Georgiou Group