The Advantages of Laser Cutting in Industrial Manufacturing

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Laser cutting is a technology that has been used for years to manufacture a wide range of products. Laser cutting services have become widely popular with an increased demand for customisation, offering many benefits and advantages over traditional production methods. When it comes to metal fabrication, laser cutting is one of the most precise manufacturing processes you can choose for your business or project. And who better to walk you through the process than your one-stop-metal fabrication workshop! In this month’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at the three major types of laser cutting and how they could benefit your business’ upcoming project in 2022.



What is laser cutting?

Laser cutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and all work on the same principle of cutting material with a laser beam. The technology fires a powerful beam of light that reflects the cutting head through a series of mirrors. The laser is aimed through a lens and narrowed down to a highly concentrated beam within the cutting head. After that, the bean is thrust down towards the material and utilised to chop it down. The types of lasers used for different kinds of laser cutters determine the differences between them. Because different laser types have varying power ranges, the type of laser determines what sort and thickness of material it can cut through. 

At QSM, we offer various laser cutting services using state-of-the-art machinery with capabilities to cut through materials like stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper and more. Although laser cutting uses a similar principle for each cutting method, capabilities like the maximum sheet cutting dimension and flexibility determine the chosen metal and the purpose of the product. We designed our integrated laser cutting services to deliver world-class results and create flat patterns that can be rolled, folded, and welded to the correct dimensions later in production. Whether you need laser cutting of stainless steel, tube laser cutting, or even 3D laser cutting in Perth, we can get the job done. 

3D Laser Cutting 

QSM Laser offers our clients exceptional precision tube cutting solutions for tubular, structural, and extended product sections. The Rotary Index takes advantage of all of our 3kW fibre laser features while also adding the ability to process tube, channel, and angle profiles. We add value to our manufacturing customers by delivering them a ‘kit form’ of parts ready for assembly, thanks to our fast changeover between flat sheets and tubes in one machine.



The advantages of laser cutting 


Speed and efficiency

The cutting process of laser cutting is considered to be more energy-efficient than many other types of fabrication machinery. Because of the high operational speed, laser cutting typically consumes less energy than other cutting processes, making it easy and fast to optimise your manufacturing process with our QSM laser cutting services.



Laser cutting is an efficient and versatile tool in the manufacturing industry. Our integrated laser cutting services are designed to create custom products utilising materials like titanium and stainless steel alongside aluminium, copper, and other more common types of metal. 



Our dual-shuttle tables enable quicker sheet changeover, allowing cutting to occur while the previously cut sections are removed from the nest. EnSIS beam control technology, on the other hand, manipulates the fibre laser beam so that it is ideally tailored to the material/thickness being processed, lowering consumable costs and enhancing productivity and efficiency. Our cutting-edge German-made racking technology guarantees that we keep stock of most commodities under our roof – and ensures QSM quality control of all our materials!


Quality of cuts

One more advantage of laser cutting over traditional cutting in manufacturing is that it provides smoother edges. When it comes to manufacturing a variety of metals, using an incorrect cutting method can result in jagged edges, ruined materials and ultimately, a failed project. Laser cutting bypasses this problem because it uses heat to melt the material while simultaneously smoothing the edges.



Celebrating 40 years in the fabrication industry

It’s our 40th birthday! We’re proud to enter yet another spectacular year as your industrial welding and metal specialists, joining forces with our clients to build the right product and build it right the first time around. Our team at QSM Fabrication has serviced various industries with customised, quality metal fabrication and expert welding services since 1982. 

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