What QSM’s certifications mean for your end product

QSM Fabrications’ roots date back to 1992 when Giovanni (John) Siciliano founded the business delivering a variety of steel-related products and metal fabrications services across Western Australia. Since then, our family business has been continuously diversifying our solutions with new services and machinery to ensure we consistently deliver high quality general sheet metal services to our customers – meeting their business requirements and even identifying issues before they arise. 

At QSM, we aspire to continue John’s legacy in all of our business practices, which we do by implementing our internal procedures and company endorsements. These qualifications are what put us ahead of the game and help us to deliver a high quality end product – in turn helping our clients build their advantage. 


Industry certifications & internal procedures 

At QSM we ensure our business complies with all practice standards and qualifications to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. These industry certifications ensure all our internal processes are continuously under the microscope with every facet of the business concerned with attaining measurable objectives that are continuously assessed.

  • ISO 9001 – Our quality management auditor QCSE has audited our systems and procedures and has accredited us with the internationally recognised ISO 9001 series of standards. By obtaining ISO 9001 we are able to manage any potential risks that our clients may have and can effectively communicate this with all required personnel. Furthermore, QCSE audits our facility and assesses implementation of the systems within our business every 12 months to ensure standards are consistently met.
  • National Australian Testing Authority (NATA) – NATA is the accreditation authority for our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Mechanical Testing. This monitors and accredits our independent lab which authorises our quality testing services that adhere to all regulatory and statutory laws.
  • Jas-Anz – JAS-ANZ accreditation affirms that our certification or inspection body can be counted on to perform its duties. It flags that our NDT and Mechanical Testing business has been approved by an independent third-party, being ISO, as a professional body that acts with integrity when certifying or inspecting for conformity assessment. Jas-Anz is a world-wide recognised as the highest and most credible type a certification or inspection body can obtain.


Our key personnel 

With 35 years of in-house expertise, we pride ourselves on the skills and experience of our team. In combination with our internal procedures and systems, our staff are committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. From management to shop floor, the QSM team are more than qualified to assist you with the design, fabrication, surface treatment and installation for your next project. Here is a little more about the key personnel that are here to help you meet the needs of your job: 

  • Vince Barbatano, General Manager – Vince has been involved in the steel fabrications industry, production, planning and purchasing for over 30 years. Previously working at John’s Engineering, Vince has since been with us for 17 years bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise in various areas of steel fabrication including bending and rolling type wear plates. His experience within management allows him to deal with customer sales and service as well as other  general maintenance of the factory and associated tools & equipment.
  • Clay Williams, QA Manager and Welding Supervisor – Certified with his WTIA Cert 10 AS1796 & AS2214, Clay is our Certified International Welding Specialist (CIWS) and Certified Senior Welding Inspector (C-SWI & IWI-S). His highly qualified certifications allows him to write welding procedures and qualifications ensuring everything meets the correct criteria and standards. Material Data Reports (MDR) are a crucial component of all fabrication projects and can only be produced by a certified Welding Supervisor. For most other companies, this procedure is often outsourced as people don’t want to spend money on QA work. However at QSM we have invested in this expertise in-house allowing us to deliver solutions to our customers faster and more confidently.
  • Project Managers/Estimators – At QSM our team of estimators take an enquiry and find a solution to meet our customer’s needs. All of our estimators are proficient in using Solidworks, a 3d modelling software that allows Sheetmetal detailing and shop drawings.  Our team always goes that extra step of care and detail in your project to properly understand your needs.  


What these two things mean 

With both the skills and expertise of our key personnel and our industry certifications, QSM Fabrications is able to construct a metal fabrications service to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. 

A compliant organisation is unlikely to suffer disruptions in service or be caught off-guard by auditors because of a poor reporting system. A good quality management system ensures high quality products and services, many satisfied clients and good ROI. With this, we are able to identify exactly what our customers require even if they themselves don’t know what is needed – delivering a product to our clients expectational requirements.

At QSM we use a human element when working with our customers. Our people place customer satisfaction firmly at the centre, and our company operations are geared towards giving you the quality you expect. We take the time to understand your bespoke needs and work to deliver the highest quality solutions in metal fabrication.

For more information, reach out to us today to see how QSM can help you build your advantage.

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