3D Laser Cutting

QSM Laser provides its customers with incredible precision tube cutting solutions to Tubular, Structural and Long Product Sections.

Utilizing all the benefits of our 3kW fiber laser, the Rotary Index adds the capability to process tube, channel, and angle profiles. With a fast changeover between flat sheet and tubes in one machine we value add to our manufacturing customers by offering them a “kit form” of parts ready for assembly.


  • Maximum Thickness – 9mm
  • Round pipe – Ø19mm up to Ø220mm x 6m long
  • Square Tube SHS – 150x150x6000
  • Rectangular Tube RHS – 150x100x6000
  • Angle – 125x125x6000
  • PFC 180x75x6000
  • Green requirement – 300mm

Why choose QSM Laser?

  • Touch Probe Technology – Tube can often be bowed, bent, twisted, or squashed, which creates specific processing problems. The ENSISRI is equipped with a touch probe that measures the tube and offsets any holes as required to ensure accurate positioning.
  • Synchronous, Dual Chuck Rotation – The ENSIS-RI has a main drive chuck and a support chuck which are both driven synchronously to ensure that the profile being cut is not twisted during processing. It also means scratching does not occur when cutting round tube, allowing for higher quality parts to be manufactured.
  • 3Kw Power – The perfect choice for tube cutting applications. It provides fast, stable cutting and piercing, without the possibility of inner tube damage that higher power tube cutting systems can suffer from.

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