End-to end welding solutions for any size project

At QSM, we employ our own Cert 10 welding supervisor – and for our customers, that means a world of difference when it comes to product quality. We create an additional level of product quality assurance by developing Custom Welding. Procedure Specification (WPS) that is truly unique to your welding project. Whether you’re looking for stainless steel welding services or aluminum welding in Perth, QSM can help you build your advantage.


  • Carbon steel welding
  • Welding stainless steel
  • Aluminum welder


  • SAW – Submerged Arc Welding 1000W AC – 3m H x 3m L Boom Reach
  • Pulse Arc welding – Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • TIG (GTAW) Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • MIG (GMAW) Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • FCAW Flux Cored Welding


  • Cert10 Welding Supervisor
  • Custom Development of custom WPS, PQR
  • All Welding QA Documentation
  • ISO 9001 – JAZ-ANZ
  • We keep our welders qualified to a variety of welding standards.

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